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Born CapabilityLab

CapabilityLab was born as an idea in 2015, through the formation of a group of professionals and talents from diverse areas of knowledge: Administration, Education, Economics, Social Work, Law, Performing Arts, Cinema, Languages, Sociology and Psychology.

Our first purpose was the generation of a platform that could accommodate a team, be able to design and finance training and education projects, as well as the raising of solidarity funds for the training of women, young and adult entrepreneurs and vocational training for the social reintegration of different groups within society.

Work Experience

Jan 2015 - Dec 2016

Jan 2017 - Sept 2019

Oct 2019 - 2022 YTD

We start operations as a group of professionals to attend to the requirements of programs in Education, aimed at students and teachers, technical training programs in electricity companies and training in trades, in social programs.

Over 400 people trained during this period in face-to-face programs.

In 2017 we formally constituted ourselves as an organization with a legal person, which also counts with certification as Technical Training Bodies and Chilean Quality Standards certified by THE INN - Icontec Chile.

During this period we dedicate ourselves to the Teaching Training, Inclusion and Disability Courses (CIF.WHO and LSCh), Entrepreneurship Program arriving about 100 companies and organizations that worked with us and social programs (solidarity), reaching 340 people in training in trades with their own funds.

From 2019 to the beginning of 2022, it was a time of transformation for the organization. Like many, we decided to stop our operation for a while, to dedicate ourselves to our professions and collaborate in the social and health process that the pious and the world were experiencing.


Starting in 2022, we will open a new office in the city of Viña del Mar, which is added to our office in Santiago, from where we intend to tour and present our services to different companies and organizations, both public and private, in addition to continuing with the work in our own social and solidarity programs that we have been developing since our beginnings. ​


To date CapabilityLab, since its inception, has raised close to USD 640,000 in self-management funds, generating a positive impact through education and training in hundreds of individuals and families.

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